Ditch the plastic habit and lather up in the soft luxury of the sea with the Natural Sea Wool Sponge.

Love a fluffy loofah for sudsing up your favorite bar soaps, but hate the idea of scrubbing with synthetic nylon or plastic fibers? Same here.

These completely natural Sea Wool sponges are grown and harvested from the ocean floor, where they regenerate and regrow – offering a sustainable alternative to plastic loofahs. Incredibly soft and absorbent, the Sea Wool Sponge will work your bar soap into the most luxurious lather for a gentle full body cleanse.



Pillowy soft in texture yet remarkable durable, a well cared for Sea Wool Sponge can keep your skin lathered and happy for several years.

Produced by mama Earth herself, these sponges are completely biodegradable and sustainable.

Sponges are approximately 4.5 inches in size. Size and shape will vary. 


How to use:

Wet your sponge and rub against bar soap to create lather and cleanse that beautiful bod.

Rinse and ring out your Sea Wool Sponge. Allowing to dry completely between uses will greatly extend the life of your sponge.

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Love it so much!!

Thanks Karen! You're the best (: