A celebration of Alaska's wild landscape & your wild body 

Waterbody is an invitation to explore the lush, untamed landscape of Alaska, and to tap into the wildest parts of yourself.
We make body care for the big dreamers, adventurous spirits, wild hearts, and dirt-worshipping nature lovers that want more than a skincare routine – you want a self care experience.
Our products transport you to the forest, meadows, and sea as you take tender loving care of your skin and body, create space and ritual to connect to yourself, and live closely with the elements of nature.
Wild Alaska Waterbody

The Waterbody Manifesto

We are for sleeping out under the stars. For losing yourself in the cool mist of the mossy ancient forest, and finding yourself at the peak of a hard-climbed mountain. For taking a deep breath, shaking out the jitters, and running face-first into the frigid ocean water.
We believe in the power of nature to heal and reveal our strongest, most beautiful selves. 
We believe that each of us contains our own wildness begging to be explored within our soft and strong bodies, our tender and courageous hearts, our lush and vibrant minds.
We believe that the practice of self love is revolutionary. That by taking good care of ourselves, we are better able to show up and take care of each other. And we believe there are few things in life that can’t be made better with a good, hot bath.

We are all Waterbodies – abundant, fluid, soft and flowing, serene and powerful, steady and ever-changing forces of nature.

Our story:

Waterbody’s line of skincare and body care products are inspired by time spent in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska, and created to share with you the spirit and magic of this place.
This is a landscape shaped and connected by water – shrouding the heavily forested mountainsides in thick mist, blurring the lines between ocean and atmosphere, carving riverbeds and valley bottoms as glaciers retreat, dripping softly through lichen, moss, and muskeg to form streams that spawn salmon and feed whole ecosystems.
This is Lingít Aaní – the ancestral lands of the indigenous Tlingit people. A land rich with culture, life, clean air and water, vast old growth forests, wild plants and animals, and a raw beauty and power unmatched by any place on earth.
Gathering ingredients for Waterbody

Our process:

Waterbody's wilderness-inspired skin and body care products are formulated with completely natural ingredients to effectively care for, nourish, protect, and restore your skin.
Each product we make is infused with active botanicals from organically grown and wild plants sustainably harvested with care. We take to the dense and mossy forest, boggy wet muskegs, and rocky barnacle-studded seashores to source ingredients selected for their skin-restoring benefits and the sensory experience they create through their unique scent and texture.
We strive to be respectful guests and good stewards to this land by honoring traditional practices and tending to the resources we use. The wild plants we work with are closely monitored at each seasonal harvest to ensure plant communities continue to grow and thrive; and we do not work with those plant species that are culturally sacred to local indigenous cultures, slow to reproduce, or sensitive to over-harvest in our region.
Pouring organic oils at the Waterbody workshop
Foraged plants are blended with whole, organic, ingredients to deliver natural, effective, and experiential skincare that is both deeply nourishing for your body and gentle on the Earth.
Our unique body care formulations are made in small batches at our workshop inside Shop Groundswell, nestled in the heart of our tiny island town - Wrangell, Alaska. Shop Groundswell serves as a cooperative working studio and retail storefront, operated by two woman-owned small businesses and supporting a collective of local artists and makers.  

Our Commitment:

Waterbody is building a business as a force for social good by:
Sharing and making accessible for all the experience of personal freedom, liberation, invigorated spirit, and connection to self that we find in wild places.
Being good stewards of the lands and waters that restore, embrace, and sustain us physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Investing in our community to lift up the small businesses, organizations, and individuals working to make our world more healthy, equitable, just, and accessible to all people.
Waterbody proudly contributes 1% of all profits to local and regional organizations that align with these values and work to carry out these commitments in our communities. 
I'm Angie, the founder and creator of Waterbody (that's Togi, co-adventurer and bear protector). I have the great honor of living as a guest on these lands; with the opportunity to explore and be immersed in Southeast Alaska’s foggy, forested, coastal beauty every day. In these places - removed from the noise, distraction, and expectations of the world, living in rhythmic union with winds, tides, and waves - I can feel parts of myself coming home. I feel old skins shedding, new joys sparkling up, and a spirited sense of lightness and liberation.
In these wild places, I can connect to the truest, wildest parts of me.
In these places I come to intimately know and love both the beauty and utility of my body.
In these places I feel intrinsically connected to, restored, and changed by the rhythms, power, and magic of the natural world.
And in returning from these places, I have sought to cultivate and help others access that same sense of wildness, that deep connection to self, that deeper connection to nature: through the cultivation of simple but sacred daily routines of caring for our bodies. 

Blending a love affair with Alaska’s wild landscape, a dedication to actively loving on our bodies, and a commitment to living in close union with the Earth, Waterbody is my offering to you:

Wilderness infused body care to help you discover your own wild nature.