Craft a body-loving ritual to slow down, feel incredible, and reveal your smoothest, softest skin with the Sisal Body Brush.

For skin that feels tired, dry, dull, or under-appreciated, and for bodies that yearn for a little extra indulgence and connection to oneself.

Through the intentional practice of regular dry brushing, every inch of skin on your body can feel as smooth, supple, and luxurious as a body treatment at your favorite hot springs spa.



Completely free of plastic and crafted with natural plant fibers, the Japanese-style Sisal Body Brush creates an invigorating exfoliation for your skin; sloughing away dead cells to promote healthy regeneration and naturally smooth, radiant skin.

When gently brushed over dry skin, these natural fibers help to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage; supporting the body’s innate detoxification system while feeling like an incredible skin-tingling self massage.

The Sisal Body Brush is 9 inches in length, making it easy to access and show love to your skin from head to toe, fingertip to fingertip. 


How to use:

Practice dry brushing to take the time to truly be with yourself, to stimulate and support the skin’s innate detoxification system, and to feel amazing all over.

While your skin is dry, begin at the feet and brush each part of the body in long, gentle strokes, working toward your heart. Brush up the legs, belly, back, and fingertips to chest. Use a gentler touch on areas of the body with more sensitive or delicate skin.

Dry brushing can be done before or after bathing – whichever feels best for you. Follow with your favorite body oil or butter to lock in moisture and keep skin soft and glowing.

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